You Follow Me

In John 21:15-25, we find the conclusion of the gospel with an account of Peter’s restoration.  Peter had denied the Lord three times just as Jesus had said that Peter would (see John 13:36-38), so the Lord graciously restores Peter three times.  After telling Peter what kind of death he would experience one day, Jesus issues Peter a simple command to “follow me.”

Instead of focusing on the Lord‘s will for his life, Peter turned to compare himself to John.  In response, Jesus tells Peter that what happens to John is none of his concern.  Peter needed to focus on the task the Lord gave him and not compare himself to others.  The Lord’s plan for each believer is different, so Peter would gain nothing by getting distracted on the Lord’s plan for John’s life.

Like Peter, we too can become distracted by comparing ourselves to others rather than focusing our attention on the Lord and following him.  Rather than comparing ourselves to others, we should be spending time with the Lord asking what His will is for our own lives.

Our primary goal should be to grow in our walk with the Lord.  We can only do this when our focus is on him alone.   


Pastor Steven