The Seven Beatitudes of Revelation

The Seven “Beatitudes” Of Revelation

This Sunday evening we will return to our series in the book of Revelation.  We will be looking at the second of the seven churches in Revelation.  The second church is Smyrna (Rev. 2:8-11) and deals with the persecution of the church.

When we began the series I mentioned that Revelation uses “seven” many times.  For example, there are seven churches just as there are seven seals, bowls, etc.  One that can be overlooked is the seven “Beatitudes” in Revelation.  The first “beatitude” is in Revelation 1:3 and promises a blessing to those who read, hear, and keep what is written in the book.

Several of you have asked for a list of the seven “Beatitudes”.  Below is a list of them for you to reflect on.  May the Lord continue to bless you as we seek to not only read and hear His Word but to keep what is written in it.

Revelation 1:3 – Who read, hear, and keep what is written in the book.

Revelation 14:13 – Who die in Jesus.

Revelation 16:15 – Who watch and wait for Jesus.

Revelation 19:9 – Who are invited to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Revelation 20:6 – Who are in the first resurrection.

Revelation 22:7 – Who keep the words of this book.

Revelation 22:14 – Who have had their sins forgiven.

Look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

The grace of the Lord be with you all until then.

Pastor Steven