The Millennium

2020 has been a year that many will never forget.  The world is filled with anxiety and confusion about what lies ahead in the future.  John Walvoord once wrote that “mention the words end times and most people will respond with a combination of fascination and fear, confusion and conjecture.  [But understanding it] will relieve fears for those who have placed their trust in God’s Son, Jesus Christ.”

Christians can live hopeful lives in the last days because we know what God’s Word promises about the future.  One area of hope is in the future Millennium.  What and when is the Millennium?  What will the conditions be in the Millennium? 

Join us in person or online and find out on Wednesday 08/19 as we begin a new series “Hope for the Last Days – The Millennium.”  Also, below is a PDF of a handout that will be provided for those attending in person.


Pastor Steven