Revelation Sermon Outline

Revelation Series – Basic Outline

Several of you have asked for a copy of the Revelation outline that was used in the Sunday PM service.  The outline is below:

Please note that there are obviously various ways to outline the book, but this should help you gain a basic understanding of the structure of the book.

This Sunday (09/24) we will be looking at the “Vision of the Glorified Christ” in 1:9-20.  Afterwards, we will begin looking at the Seven Churches in Chapters 2 – 3.  I will preach one church per week so that we cover all seven.

May you be blessed just as the book promises during our time in it (Rev. 1:3). 

Pastor Steven

Revelation – Basic Outline

Prologue (1:1-3)

Opening Greeting To The Seven Churches (1:4-8)

Vision Of The Glorified Christ (1:9-20)

Letters To The Seven Churches (2-3)

Vision Of The Throne Room And Lamb (4-5)

The Judgments (Seals, Trumpets, Bowls, Babylon) (6-18)

The Final Victory Of The Lamb (19-22:5)

The Epilogue (22:6-21)