Pleasing Him

“Pleasing Him – John 8:29”  
All too often we do things that please ourselves.  We might even be tempted to please other people to gain their favor.  Much of this line of thinking comes from our sin natures as well as worldly influence.  However, followers of Jesus Christ are supposed to be different.  In fact, we are to model our lives after the very One who redeemed our lives.
In the gospels, we quickly and repeatedly see Jesus’ desire to please the Father alone.  For example, in John 8:29 Jesus states that “I always do the things that are pleasing to him.”  Jesus was completely consumed with a desire to please God and to fulfill His will.  This is miraculous for several reasons, but especially since one of the Father’s desires was for him to provide salvation through his sacrificial death (John 8:28).
Part of doing what pleases God is spending time with Him each day.  When we do this we better understand what He has for us to do in this life.  In our society today, we have many things that distract and pull us away from time alone with the LORD. 
Why not pray to Him today asking that your heart’s desire be to know Him and to do what pleases Him?  Then, stay focused on His will which will always please Him.  


Pastor Steven