New Hope Baptist Church has been a lighthouse in the community of Cauthen’s Crossroads for over 180 years.  We are a church that reaches out to our community, our nation and our world to share the good news of Jesus Christ.  Join us for worship and Bible study in person or online.
A Brief History The New Hope Baptist Church was organized and founded in 1832, under the leadership of the Reverend Staunton S. Burdett who became her first pastor and spiritual leader for about eight years. According to all records available, there were sixty-five members at the time of organization. The exact date of organization is not known. In the year 1833, on September 16, with a membership of ninety-two, New Hope Baptist Church was admitted to the Moriah Baptist Association. New Hope is the fourth oldest church in the Moriah Baptist Association. In the beautiful countryside of South-West Lancaster County, South Carolina, lies a peaceful and quiet little community known as the New Hope Community. This area is also known as the Dry Creek section of Lancaster County. In the immediate area called “Cauthen’s Cross Roads”, the New Hope Baptist Church building has been a sacred meeting place for some of God’s finest people for over one hundred and seventy five years. While pastor of New Hope Baptist Church, the Reverend Burdett compiled a hymnbook consisting of more than five hundred texts and known as Baptist Harmony. This hymnbook became very popular among Baptists and was adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention in 1845 for use in all its affiliated churches.
Not much information is available on the first house of worship for New Hope. From what has been established from copies of the Survey of State and Local Historical Records: 1936, South Carolina, the first building was a small dwelling, which was used for services. Also from these same records, we find that the second building was rectangular in shape with a section for the Negro Slaves (built some time before the War Between the States). This latter building was rebuilt and dedicated about 1922 – a small frame building in the shape of a cross with a small steeple on the roof.
We are told that the men used one of the side doors while the ladies used the other side door to enter and leave the building for worship. Everyone met in the one-room building for Sunday school. The room was sectioned off with “green burlap curtains”. There was Sunday school for the first grade through adults. Worship services were held twice each month on Sunday mornings. Baptisms were observed in a “spring pool” near the vicinity of 2253 New Hope Road. Members of the church primarily furnished the lumber for the construction of this building. Also church members did most of the labor. The pastor, J.F. Hammond, was instrumental in “raising the money” for the construction. A large wood-burning stove that was fueled by wood furnished by the church members heated the building. During theMore information will be shared concerning the buildings as you read on in this history.
On September 4, 1960 the church approved the addition of a one-story, flat roof educational unit that would provide six classrooms. Also approved were other improvements including the installation of stained glass windows in the sanctuary. These windows were given in memory or in honor of friends or loved ones by various church members.
On October 13, 1968, the church voted to purchase 15.8 acres of land at $500.00 per acre from the James A. Cauthen Estate. Mrs. Kathleen C. Stogner offered to sell timber from her property to help pay for this acreage and give to the church as a memorial to her parents, Mr. George William Cauthen and Mrs. Leila Crenshaw Cauthen.
In 1970, a large portion of these 15.8 acres was developed into a beautiful memorial cemetery consisting of 508 lots or 2,032 burial spaces. Mr. John N Ringstaff was the first person to be buried in the New Hope Memorial Cemetery on August 29, 1971.


New Hope Baptist Church was recognized in 2000 and in 2001 for being in the top 50 South Carolina Southern Baptists churches in resident members per capita contributing to the Janie Chapman offering for State Missions and the Annie Armstrong Easter offerings.


A Groundbreaking service was held on Sunday, August 3, 2003 for our new sanctuary and fellowship hall. We had a large number attend this service. Some of the people who participated in this service were: Pastor Mendle Baker, Barbara Cauthen, Rick Jackson, Tom Spencer, Paulette Harris, Bobby Gainer, and Don Broughton. Minnie Laura Adams and Jay Morris Baker also participated in this special service.
Our first Sunday in the new building was April 24, 2005. The new sanctuary building was dedicated on May 22, 2005. Our Lord has been gracious to bless the family of New Hope Baptist Church through the years. Our prayers are that we will always do those things that will bring His favor upon the New Hope Baptist Church.
New Hope Baptist Church has continued to grow and prosper in the Lord under the leadership of her pastors. From sixty-five charter members she has grown to a present membership of almost four hundred.