Ordering Your Life

There is no shortage of suggestions for how we can put our lives in order.  Turn to the news, YouTube, or the latest secular book and you will find countless ways to put your life in order.  While many of these suggestions might be helpful in the short term, they fail to give you anything other than various opinions rather than truth.

The Apostle John wanted Christians in the church to order their lives by something different than what the world suggested.  In 2 John 1:4 and 3 John 1:4, John points to the need to order one’s life by the Word of God.  In both verses, the elder John uses the expression “walking in the truth.”  For John, to hear that the Christians were practicing the truth of God’s Word in their daily lives brought him great joy.

Do you want your life to be in order?  John tells us that if we do we must put into practice the truths of God’s Word.  Faithfulness to God’s Word is the foundation of Christian living and puts our lives in order.


Pastor Steven