“More Joy In Christ”

In our modern culture, we are constantly bombarded with a wide variety of claims that we can find more joy in the things the world offers than in the Lord Jesus Christ.  All we have to do is turn on the TV, go on the internet, or visit the store, and we are told that the world’s pleasures will satisfy us.  Unfortunately, when we begin to believe this, it causes our hearts to drift away from the Lord.

In Psalm 4, David deals with a group of discontent people who are following him.  However, in the face of discontent, he expressed that true joy was found in the Lord alone.  The people were unsatisfied with David and asked him who could show them some good things.  David’s response was a prayer for the Lord to show favor to them, similar to Numbers 6:24 – 26.  He pointed the people to the Lord as the one who would show them “good things”. 

The joy and contentment the people found in the Lord would be greater than all the food the world had to offer.  This is similar to what Job says regarding how much he treasured the Lord’s words (Job 23:12).  Additionally, David could sleep, as the Lord “alone” was his peace.  True joy, peace, and contentment are only found in the Lord and not our circumstances, which can be fleeting.

While the world may try to lure us away with endless pleasures and materialism, there is undoubtedly more joy in Christ than all the world has to offer (Psalm 16:11).  May you take time in our hectic world to find the daily joy of Christ.


Pastor Steven