God Hears

As we saw in my last post, names were very important in the Old Testament because they often gave identification or identity.  Throughout the Bible, God is given many names.  Each of these names helps to reveal something about God.  By reflecting on the names, we learn more about God.

When we first think of God, we might think of such things as His sovereignty, power, or perhaps His holiness. The name “Elohim Shama” reminds us of something else about our Great God.  The word “Elohim” means God and is first used in Genesis 1:1.  The Hebrew word “shama” means to listen or to hear.

In Exodus 2:24, we read that God “heard” the groaning of the Israelites who were in Egyptian slavery.  In turn, God remembered the covenant that He had made with His people and then acted to rescue His people by calling Moses to deliver them out of Egypt.

The name “Elohim Shama” reminds us that God is a caring and personal God who desires to hear His people (see Psalm 17:6; 1 John 5:14).  We can know with certainty that God is there for us when we have worries or concerns.  We never have to worry about God not hearing us whenever we call out to Him.

Do you have something on your heart?  Why not pray to the LORD who listens.



Pastor Steven