Easter Reading Plan – Mark’s Gospel

Beginning tomorrow, I want to encourage you to take time to read, pray, and reflect on Holy Week. The reading plan below takes you through each day from the Triumphal Entry to the Resurrection.

Dr. Wayne Slusser’s Easter Reading Plan Through the Gospel of Mark:

• Sunday (Palm Sunday) – Mark 11:1-11 (Entrance into Jerusalem, Triumphal Entry)
• Monday–Mark 11:12-19 (The Fig Tree and Cleansing the Temple)
• Tuesday–Mark 11:20-33 (Discussion with the disciples)
• Wednesday–Mark 13:1-37 (Olivet Discourse)
• Thursday–Mark 14:1-72 (Passover, Last Supper, Gethsemane, Betrayal, Arrest, and Trial)
• Friday (Good Friday)–Mark 15:1-47 (Roman Trial, Crucifixion)
• Saturday–Mark 15:42-47 (Burial)
• Sunday (Easter)–Mark 16:1-8 (Resurrection)
Pastor Steven