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  1. Any consideration of special uses of the property of this church will be guided by the fact that it has been dedicated to worship, teaching the Bible, character building, and related activities.
  2. Regularly scheduled meetings and services shall have prior claim to space, facilities, and equipment ordinarily used by them.


  1. Before scheduling an activity requiring a meeting room or other space assignment, a request for such space shall be made to the Hospitality Committee, so that all assignments may be coordinated and recorded on the church calendar of activities.
  2. A deposit of $100 must be made at least one week prior to event.  This is the janitorial fee that is refundable upon inspection by a Hospitality Committee member.  This fee applies for non-church related functions.
  3. Approval will be given by letter or phone.


  1. All regular weekly and monthly events/meetings have priority on dining room.  All other groups using kitchen and dining room must clear dates and use with the Hospitality Committee.
  2. Request must be made to Hospitality Committee.


  1. No alcoholic beverages allowed in building or on premises.
  2. No smoking allowed in building (restrooms included) or on premises.
  3. Care of all buildings is required and breakage or damage must be paid for by group using the building.
  4. When youth or children will be using the facilities, the group using the building must agree to provide adequate adult supervision.
  5. Church member must make reservation and be present at all times of the event.
  6. All paper products, cups, spoons, forks, coffee, coffee filters, salt, pepper, etc. must be supplied.
  7. Any special requests such as use of tablecloths must be made at the time of reservation.
  8. Tables and chairs are not to be removed from church grounds.
  9. Thermostat for fellowship building is preset.  Please do not change the thermostat setting.

***Please follow the checklist below.  We appreciate your help in keeping our church clean. ***


  1. No extra food in refrigerator or on counter.
  2. Church dishes and utensils washed and put up in their designated cabinets.
  3. Clean & sweep floors.
  4. Tables and chairs neatly arranged the way you found them.
  5. Coolers emptied, cleaned out and stored away in designated place.
  6. Pantry door is locked.
  7. Trash is to be emptied from all trashcans and taken to dumpster.  New trash bags are to be put into the trashcans.
  8. Lights are to be turned off.  Appliances are to be turned off, unplugged and stored away in designated cabinets.
  9. Tablecloths must be cleaned and returned within a week.
  10. No decorations, dished or anything else is to be left in the fellowship hall.
  11. All hand towels, dish clothes and potholders that are used need to be taken home and cleaned and brought back as soon as possible.  If you are not able to do them that week, please see Hospitality Committee members so that they may take them home and clean them.