1. The Bus or Van should not be loaned to groups or individuals outside the New Hope Baptist Church, unless adequate notice is received in order to be approved by a congregational vote. When used by a Church Sponsored group, a minimum of 12 persons will be required for use of the bus, otherwise the use of the van will be required. The size of the group shall at no time exceed the seating capacity of either the bus or the van. When either Church vehicle is used by a sponsoring group, New Hope members must constitute a majority of those present on the trip unless prior approval is given.
  2. Any sponsoring group using the bus or van will be responsible for returning the vehicle filled with gas and oil.
  3. When possible, all trips shall be requested at least one week in advance to Bus and Van committee, to schedule use of the Church vehicles, contact the Chairman of the Bus and Van Committee or the Church office.
  4. Leaders of groups requesting use of the Church vehicles will secure an approved driver. The Leader of the group and Chaperones will be responsible for enforcing the rules and up-keep of the vehicles.
  5. A minimum of two adults on all trips, other than the driver, is required. It is suggested a Chaperone be placed at the front and rear of the vehicles when transporting children.
  6. The group requesting the church vehicles will be responsible for cleanliness of the interiors of the vehicles upon their return.
  7. Only persons authorized by the Bus and Van Committee can operate the Church Vehicles. Regulations for drivers will be as follows:

Age minimum: Men, 25 years; Women, 21 years (insurance purposes)

Valid S.C. Drivers License to operate the Van

Valid S.C. CDL Drivers License with Passenger endorsement to operate the Bus.

Good driving record.

A road test with one or more members of the Bus and Van committee will be required before driving the first time. The Bus and Van committee shall be responsible for securing, approving and supervising all drivers.

  1. Drivers should report in writing to the Bus and Van Committee any trouble of needed repairs immediately.
  2. The Church vehicles are not to be taken on other than all-weather roads. Posted speed limits are to be rigidly obeyed. Any traffic violations will belong to and be the responsibility of the driver.
  3. The Bus and Van committee should be contacted in the event of a breakdown while in use. They will instruct the driver of the procedures to follow.
  4. Only persons on the Bus and Van committee and Authorized Drivers should have keys to the vehicles. The keys should be returned to them or the Church office immediately after the trip.

Below is a list of safety rules that must be followed. If anyone refuses to obey these safety rules or any of the procedures approved by the Church, they should be reported to the Bus and Van Committee. Anyone receiving more than two warnings will not be allowed to use the church vehicles for a period of three months. Anyone who leaves on a church vehicle must return on the church vehicle unless written permission is given by the Parent, in case of a child or youth, and notice given to the driver in case of an adult.

Prior to every trip, the driver must perform pre-trip inspections, including the following:

  1. Check tires, brakes, oil water, belts, and all other fluid levels as well as general safety features of the vehicle before each trip.
  2. Before every trip, check emergency door to be sure it will open. This door should only be opened in case of an emergency.
  3. Be sure everyone is seated before starting. Passengers should not move around in the church vehicle while it is in motion.
  4. Never leave the church vehicle with engine running when it is loaded with passengers. DO NOT fuel the vehicles while the engine is running or when there are passengers on board.
  6. NO BOTTLES may be brought onto the church vehicles.
  7. Never stop to give assistance to another motorist. You have enough responsibility of your own.
  8. Come to a complete stop at all Railroad Crossings. You are required by law to listen through an open door or window before crossing. Do not shift gears while crossing a railroad crossing.
  9. Do not lean out of windows. Do not extend any part of the body out of windows.
  10. Do not back either church vehicle without assistance from another adult outside the vehicle to assist in directing you.
  11. Paper, trash, or other articles should not be thrown out of the windows.
  12. Passengers should not call to passing motorist or pedestrians from the church vehicle.
  13. Allow passengers to only cross in front of the church vehicle – never behind the vehicle.

Remember that all Passengers on the Church vehicle represent New Hope Baptist Church. Therefore, it is important that each person conduct themselves in such a way that they will give others a favorable impression of the way a Christian behaves. This is even more important when we are in a clearly identified Church vehicle.

These procedures and rules were updated and amended by the Bus and Van Committee.

Bobby Gainer, Chairman

Larry Altman

Ken Harris

Dwight Holden

Approved by the Church in conference 12/21/2003.