But This I Call to Mind

“But This I Call To Mind” (Lamentations 3:21 – 24)

Jeremiah prophesied during a dark time in Israel’s history that led to the Babylonian invasion and destruction of Solomon’s great temple.  The Lord warned the people of coming judgment, but the people refused to heed the warning.  As a result, they were taken away into captivity just as the Lord had promised they would for 70 years (Jeremiah 25:11 – 12; 29:10).    

Despite this terrible situation that led the nation into despair, the prophet reminds the exiles where they should look for hope.  Even though the situation was overwhelming, he “recalled to mind” that the Lord’s steadfast love would never cease.  The Hebrew word for “steadfast love” means “a loyal and committed love.”  God would not forget His people even during their time in exile.

Jeremiah’s hope came in remembering that the Lord’s loyal and committed love never comes to an end.  The Lord’s mercy for His people was renewed and refreshed every morning.  This caused the prophet to praise the Lord, leaving him at peace knowing the Lord was faithful.

Whatever difficult situation we may experience, the message of hope in Lamentations is centered on the Lord.  It is the Lord that is faithful to us, and so we can trust Him in every circumstance because His love never ceases.  It is limitless.  Let this be your mindset and then say like the prophet “therefore I will hope in Him.”

Pastor Steven