And His Name Shall Be Called

King Ahaz was one of the evil kings of Judah who did evil in the sight of the Lord and did not walk in the ways of King David (2 Kings 16:2).  Many of his actions, such as idol worship, would lead to the fall of Judah in 586 B.C.  The prophet Isaiah describes the tragic consequences of his reign in Isaiah 7-10.

This Sunday evening, we will begin a two-part study of Isaiah 9:6.  In Isaiah 8, King Ahaz looked to the Assyrians for protection rather than the Lord.  In contrast to Ahaz, who would not listen to or obey the Lord, the prophet Isaiah tells of a future Davidic king that would.  This prophecy looks to Jesus Christ who would be a faithful king.  Isaiah 9:6 describes the Messiah using four titles/names.

Below are some additional resources that you might enjoy to supplement this study.

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Pastor Steven