A Difficult Journey

Psalm 25:4-5

Life is sometimes called a journey.  Over the course of life, each person experiences a variety of events, experiences, and unique situations.  Some of these are pleasant while others can be very difficult.  In Psalm 25, David pictures life not simply as a journey but as a difficult one.

However, David does not desire to go through life on his own.  Rather, David seeks the Lord’s instructions as he journeys through all of his days.  He desires that the LORD show him His ways and teach him His paths.  David wants the LORD to help lead him into a greater knowledge of the truth.  This is all a result of David’s great love for the LORD who is his salvation (Psalm 25:5).

Life is a journey and sometimes the journey can be difficult.  As a result, we should not try to go through our lives on our own.  To do so is like going on a long trip with no directions.  We can follow David’s example by seeking direction from the LORD by spending time in His Word and in prayer.  These two things will help us as we grow in our love for Him. 

If you are not currently seeking Him daily, why not start today?


Pastor Steven