“Hope For The Cast down – Psalm 42:5”

The book of Psalms is made up of five books (or collections) of 150 psalms.

Psalm 42 begins the second book in the Psalms. Contrary to common thought, there are psalms written by other authors than David. In the case of Psalm 42, it is one of several psalms written “of the Sons of Korah.” The psalm is typically categorized as a lament, although it does contain other aspects to it.   Psalm 42:1-5 provide a picture of a person who has a deep longing for the Lord. For example, verse 1 pictures a deer who longs for water, just as the human soul does the presence of God. Verse 2 describes the human soul that thirsts for God, desperately trying to be in His presence. Just as water is required for life, so is the Lord Himself needed for true life. In Psalm 42:5, the question is raised as to why a child of God would be cast down (e.g. in despair) instead of hoping in God. The child of God does not need to be in despair, God will again help them just as He has before. It is important to remember that Biblical hope differs from the world’s view of hope. The world sees hope as having an element of doubt to it, whereas Biblical hope is not based on feeling or doubt. Rather, Biblical hope is based on the certain and solid belief that God’s promises and Word will come true. Said another way, it is hope that is completely confident in the Lord.   Like the psalmist, we must ask ourselves where our hope is when we are down cast or in despair. Is it in the many temporary things of this world? Or, do we have hope in the One True God and know with certainly He will fulfill all His promises and Word?     Blessings,   Pastor Steven